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Do you already know that you want to give your dancer this opportunity? Then scroll down to our “So how do you get involved?” section! 


Are you interested in giving your dancer the opportunity to be on an award-winning Competition/Performance team here at Dance La Vie’!? Team involvement awards your child lessons of commitment and discipline, increased skill set with specialized classes, and a close-knit team of friends making a year’s worth of fun memories!  Excelling in dance opens so many doors for the future such as scholarship awards to pay for dance or school, high school dance team opportunities, and even collegiate dance team opportunities! Even if your dancer doesn’t touch dance again, he/she will leave our teams a better person having had the experience of a lifetime!  We focus on growth of character and teach the kids to work in a group setting, build self esteem, receive constructive feedback, and excel in responsibility- all top traits desired by employers and school teachers alike.  We strive to give our dancers the heightened dance experience while also making sure to keep it affordable and not too time consuming! Give your child something positive to commit to and fill his/her time while they are having the time of their life and learning that hard work really does pay off!

Top 10 Skills Children Learn From The Arts:

Creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, receiving constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication, and accountability.


*Discounted Travel on Performance Years

*Fun team activities such as swim parties, team dinners, etc.

*Added technical dance training

*DLA insignia and gear

*Preparation for Sterling Scholar, High School and College Dance Teams

*Exciting unity-building fundraisers

*Extra performance and convention opportunities

*End of year banquet to commemorate an incredible year

How it works: Every year we alternate between “Competition” teams and “Performance” teams.  Competition years consist of intense training, preparation of competition routines, and a Spring season full of attending competitions and winning various awards such as: 1st place, high point, overall awards, judges choice, best choreography, top technique, etc.  Performance years are less intense, but involve the same level of training with travel as our focus more than competition.  Dancers have an opportunity to come up with their own choreography, travel abroad with dance opportunities, take dance classes in another state, refine their skill set, perform at holiday and other guest shows while also preparing for studio concerts.

Razzle Dazzle (RD) Ages 5-8yo

Company Prep (CP) Ages 8-12yo

Company (CO) Ages 12-18



2018-19 is our Competition Year!

So how do you get involved?

  1. Feel free to e-mail us (DLADANCERS@GMAIL.COM) for information to just come to the meeting!
  2. Attend the Mandatory Parents Meeting and receive audition packet: Monday 6/4 @ DLA.  RD 5:30-6:15pm, CP/CO 6:15-7pm, Tour Team 7-7:30pm.
  3. CP/CO Bring your dancer to the workshop Tuesday 6/5 @ DLA. RD 2-3:30pm CP 4-6pm, CO 6-8pm, TT 8-9pm.
  4. Attend auditions Thursday 6/7 @ DLA. RD 4-4:30pm, CP/CO 4:30-7:30pm.
  5. Dancers that make the teams will enroll in summer classes and go on for a fun year of Competition Teams! Dancers that do not make a team will receive detailed feedback and a recommendation of classes to improve for the next year.

*Previous Year Information*

2017-18- Performance Year!

  1. Read the detailed info forms below.
  2. Enroll your dancer in relaxed summer classes. Ages 5-8y0 (RD) Combo IV.  Ages 8-12yo (CP) Combo V.  Ages 12-18yo (CO) all level VI classes and Open Ballroom.
  3. Enroll your dancer in summer DLA team tumbling @ Exceleration (once a week for a discounted rate).  Watch for our e-mail the last week of May for details, attend the first day of classes there and sign up with them. RD/CP Mondays 12:15-1:15, CO Wednesdays 12:15-1:15 (these are the correct times- different from the info sheet below)
  4. Attend the Mandatory Parents Meeting and receive audition packet: Monday 6/19 @ DLA.  RD 6:30-7:15pm, CP/CO 7:15-8pm.
  5. CP/CO Bring your dancer to the workshop Friday 6/23 @ DLA. CP 5-7pm, CO 7-9pm.
  6. Attend auditions Saturday 6/24 @ DLA. RD 11am-12:30pm, CP/CO 4pm-7.
  7. Dancers that make the teams will continue with summer classes and go on for a fun year of Performance Teams! Dancers that do not make a team will receive detailed feedback and a recommendation of classes to improve for the next year.


If your dancer has a conflict with any of those steps but still wants to be involved, e-mail us! We strive to give as many kids this incredible opportunity as possible!

Please see the forms below for more detailed information on cost/commitment etc:

Perf Teams Info April 2017 RD

Perf Teams Info April 2017 CP

Perf Teams Info April 2017 CO


For any additional questions, feel free to e-mail us at!


If your dancer is interested in competing a special number (must be a team member), please see the price sheet below.


Solos/Duos/Trios Cost:

Choreography Price Sheet 2016 17 JJ


Auditions 17 DLA Razzle Dazzle Constitution (1)


Auditions 17 DLA Company Co Prep Constitution


Dance La Vie Academy 84601 Contract itinerary DPA 2018